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The Scriptures tell us that Christ was an ordinary and modest man in appearance so that in no case did people follow Him for His looks or style or dress, but for the life He lived. So it should be with us.  


First Academy has chosen to implement a dress code policy by the adoption of a uniform program. The purpose of a uniform policy at First Academy is to enhance the safe and orderly environment of the school. It is our desire to implement and enforce a dress code that will eliminate distractions and allow for comfort, modesty, and uniformity.  


First Academy desires to create an education environment that honors God and enhances learning with two main principles which dominate our philosophical position with regards to uniforms which are MODESTY and NEATNESS.  

There are clear Biblical principles that guide our dress code:


A. Modest, not attracting undue attention and Clean (Romans 12:1; I Timothy 2:9)


B. Masculine and feminine (Deuteronomy 22:5)


C. Pleasing to the Lord (1Corinthians 6:20, 10:31, and 14:26b)


School uniforms have been proven to provide for a more structured and focused approach to learning. Research also indicates that a school uniform encourages individual self-expression creatively through academics, the arts, music, and sports, rather than merely clothing. A school uniform boosts the morale of the students by giving them apparel that is distinctive of their Christian scholarship. A school uniform helps to identify non-students and makes the accountability of each student easier when away from the school on trips to enhance the safety of our students. 

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