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Returning students and their siblings register via Praxi Parent Portal.

For application to First Academy, the first step is to apply online. Fill out the online application as thoroughly as possible. You will need to pay the registration fee and bring in the other registration items to the school office. Once applications are reviewed,  an email with a temporary password will be sent to all new applicants with your acceptance.  Once you receive the email, you will have five days to use the temporary password to create a Parent Portal in PraxiSchool, our online software program.  All returning students will apply on the Parent Portal and pay the registration fee online or in the school office as well.  FOR APPROVAL, the following items below FOR ALL STUDENTS will need to be submitted or completed in the school office BEFORE registration is COMPLETE and the student is placed in a class.


1. Copy of Birth Certificate

2. Copy of Medical Insurance Card

3. Current Immunization Record

4. Non-Refundable Registration Fee Paid in Full

5. Copy of Court Ordered Custody Papers (is applicable)

6. First Academy Contract signed

7. New Parent Orientation with the School Director

Parent Orientation/Statement of Faith

All parents of newly registered students for First Academy are required to meet with the School Director for a brief session to discuss the role of the parent and the role of the school in the education of the student. Parents will have the opportunity to see the Statement of Faith that serves as the basis of our Biblical curriculum. 


There are financial aid scholarships available to First Academy for elementary and upper school students.  

To request more information:

Contact the office

Mon-Fri 8am - 3pm


You can also request more information with this form:

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